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The Greatest Psychologist ever lived on earth !

As usual I went to my counseling psychology class where my sir was taking class on the topic unconditional positive regard which was one among the three key factors that  a counselor should practice in his life that leads him the light throughout his career and life. Unconditional positive regard is the term used when we see all the human beings as good being hiding the factors whether he is a  criminal nor robber  or he could be child rapist , keeping in mind that his /her situation made him to do so. But I could not mug up this particular theory in psychology so I interrupted the class and asked sir “If one day suppose one of our relatives has been raped by someone , and this someone came in front of us and then, how could we consider  him as a good human being ? And this unconditional positive regard is a pure illogical and unpractical   in this situation where no human being with emotion and feeling  would accept this someone has a  good human being.”Then my sir asked me a very simple question inreturn which had a immense impact on me. And the question was “Rizwana Just think what action would be done if us was replaced by our Prophet Muhammad Nabi (SAW) “.For a moment I was stuck .My thoughts was filled with the ever great scholar Prophet Muhammad Nabi (SAW) words that   “You do not do evil to those who do evil to you, but you deal with them with forgiveness and kindness.” Yes Our Prophet Muhammad Nabi (SAW) life is the best example of how a good human being should be.

He was not only a best leader but he was best husband for his beloved wives. Or we can say that our Prophet Muhammad Nabi(SAW) is the best ever Romeo of our world history . Once Aysha Radi Allahu said” Before Prophet Muhammad Nabi (SAW) leaves the house he would kiss me in my cheeks many times”. Where in the world we can see such a leader who loved his wife like this. Everyone talks about that Prophet Muhammad Nabi (SAW)had 10 wives but none talked about how he treated his wives ? Has anyone talked that how each of his wives never married again because of his love and companionship. Aysha Radi Allahu said ” After eating our meal Rasool gave me a cup of water and I drank it, and after drinking I kept the cup down and prophet took the cup and he began to spin it and he was looking for my lip marks and he drank from exact place where I drank from”.This is what a women needs more than anything on earth .


Prophet Muhammad Nabi (SAW) is the most beautifully created ,stunning, radiant ,finely made human ever lived on earth .From afar ,Prophet Muhammad Nabi (SAW) had the most striking and outstanding in appearance and when he came near the best of them and the most handsome of them in closeness . Prophet Muhammad Nabi (SAW ) was mind-baggily handsome. But his handsomeness was covered in dignity, majesty and reverence .One of the  Sahaba said ” When we used to sit at his feet two feelings conflicts in heart. The first one, you wanted to look at him,you wanted tom behold the majesty of his face. And you wanted to look up,shyness used to overtake you so you used look down”. Amar Bin’As says that” I sat with him many times but if you ask me to describe his face I can’t describe it and I was not be able to look at him out of his majesty and reverence”.It was difficult to .penetrate the awe and the splendor of the Rasool.


Prophet Muhammad Nabi (SAW) words were like jewels coming out of a necklace calculated, polished one after the other it would flow magically. Such an exalted and sweet level of logic words flowed out of himlike when he used to speak it was coherently logical and which was smooth and easy to understand which had a natural echo. When he was silent dignity covered him and when he spoke it was audible and clear. Prophet Muhammad Nabi (SAW) talked to the point ,not excessive nor too short. He was the stream of kindness which he reflected through his words like “Be Kind, for whenever kindness becomes part of something, it beautifies it.Whenever it is taken from something, it leaves it tarnished.”

When we sail back to the history of the world they’re only a few men who supported women for their rights . One among them is the greatest and greatest of all Prophet Muhammad Nabi (SAW).He was the one spread the light to women through his words like “A good man treats women with honor.”Once a man went to Rasool with tears and said “Ya Rasool before I embraced Islam I have killed my daughter out of my fear for my  tradition and culture of society “.The Prophet Muhammad Nabi (SAW) with tears in his eyes replied to him that “If Allah allow me to punish anyone on earth then I would have started with you”.Prophet Muhammad Nabi (SAW) is the one who thought the world with the knowledge that  “However much the faith of a man increases, his regard for women increases.”Rasool is the most compassionate even to the women and he used to say to his Sahabas that “Take care of your precious pearls;your daughters and your wives , have kindness towards your wife and be patient with them “.Prophet Muhammad Nabi (SAW) also added that “When your wife makes mistakes then just remember the god things that she done and overcome with that and forgive her “.


I have seen read many books on the psychologists and psychology but the biggest psychologist ever lived on earth was Prophet Muhammad Nabi (SAW) ,his ideologies like “Seek knowledge from cradle to the grave. “are the great pillars of my psychological career . was Prophet Muhammad Nabi (SAW)is the complete man with dignity and courage .Words aren’t enough to describe him. He is the most stunning creation of Allah ever.


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